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At Nature-Tech Wildlife Solutions LLC, we strive to provide fast, efficient and expert services to help remedy your wildlife related conflict. However, while doing so, we pride ourselves in healthy ecological practices and humane treatment of all wildlife in accordance with Florida Wildlife Commission regulations.

We are experts at pest controlwildlife trapping and removal of raccoons, opossums, squirrels, rodents, armadillos and more! Whether your home is in Lakeland, Winter Haven, Davenport, Haines City, Polk City or anywhere in between, Nature-Tech Wildlife Solutions can remove the squirrels, raccoons or rodents from your attic, or the armadillos or opossums from under your home. Our services also include wildlife exclusion work to ensure that once we remove the wildlife from your attic or under your home, they stay out!

Once wildlife has been effectively removed from your home, our services include attic sanitation and contamination removal treatments to ensure the health and safety of your home residents. 

At Nature-Tech Wildlife Solutions LLC, we strive to provide a fast, professional, humane and honest service to our customers. We realize that having a raccoon, squirrels, rodents, opossums or other wildlife in your attic was very much an unforeseen issue and we want to make the resolutions to these instances as fast and relatively painless as possible. We will only offer services that you need and nothing that you don't. Our inspections for your wildlife attic/crawl space issue are FREE and you are under no obligation to purchase!

Whether you have animals digging up your yard, burrowing under your home, or you're hearing noises going "bump" in the night, Nature-Tech Wildlife Solutions LLC is here to serve YOU! Proudly serving Polk County, Florida and Pasco County, FL  as well as closely surrounding areas. 

Standard Service hours: 7am - 7pm M-F

24/7 Emergency Service available (After hours service charge is applicable)

Current main cities of operation are:

Polk County including: Winter Haven, Lakeland, Davenport, Kissimmee, Lake Wales, Polk City, Haines City

Pasco County Including: New Port Richey, Lutz, Trinity, Wesley Chapel, Odessa


                                                         863.345.2547 or 813.699.9079




           Our proven process for eradicating your wildlife problem:

1.) Inspect and identify the animal or issue


2.) Set traps to remove the offending wildlife


3.) Install physical barriers (exclusion work) to prevent wildlife from having further entry into your home.


4.) Provide attic cleanup and sanitation treatment



Did you know that female raccoons like to return to the same nesting site every year? A nuisance wildlife professional can help break this cycle and ensure that mama raccoon will find a new home for her next litter.


Histoplasmosis is a lung infection caused by breathing in spores from a fungus that can grow in bat and bird feces. Have a professional mediate your bat conflict and keep your family safe.

The only true way of keeping wildlife out of your home, is to effectively seal your home up with quality exclusion work. Exclusion work can be performed by a qualified nuisance wildlife professional.

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