Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Raccoon (Procyon lotor)

Raccoon in an attic in Central Florida

Clever, adaptable, and cute, the raccoon is probably the most prolific nuisance wildlife animal in existence. From digging into trash cans to making a home inside of attics of houses, the raccoon is known to be a little bit of a pest. Often thought to be strictly nocturnal, it’s a little known fact that raccoons are naturally diurnal, but tend to be active based upon available food sources. Being that many of their food sources exist around waterways, seasonally their activity can change.

Overturned garbage cans and occasional consumption of pet foods are considered a nuisance, but raccoons that inhabit attics and crawlspaces of homes can cost homeowners even thousands of dollars in repairs. Raccoons that are long-term residents of attics have been known to heavily soil insulation and destroy ductwork for air conditioning units.

Raccoon Soffit/Roof return breach in Central Florida

Usual entry points for raccoons are through damaged soffit above roof returns (pictured above), or opening soffit above gutter downspouts.

But why is a raccoon in my attic?! - Essentially all raccoon in attic problems are due to a pregnant female seeking a safe and warm nesting location for her babies. Baby raccoons, known as "kits", are unable to maintain their own body temperature at such a young and fragile age. And mama raccoon has to provide for her babies by occasionally leaving to acquire food to help sustain her own energy so she can nurse her babies. An attic maintains warm temperatures, even in cooler months. Most often, the kits are laid in the soffit so that there is consistent fresh air exchange and the kits won't overheat. (Seen below, is a mother raccoon staring back at us from inside the soffit. Just to her left was her babies that she was keeping a very watchful eye on)

Raccoon staredown from inside an attic in Central Florida

As the kits continue to grow, like most youngsters, they will begin to try to move around on their own and explore their environments. it is not at all uncommon for exploring kits to land themselves into trouble and fall down into walls. (Seen below: A raccoon kit that has fallen down inside of a wall, where is mother is unable to rescue him. This kit had to be cut out of the wall.)

Raccoon kit asleep inside of a wall in Central Florida

It is always ideal for Nature-Tech Wildlife Solutions LLC to do our best to reunite the mother raccoon with her offspring to ensure the babies' survival and well being (Seen below).

Raccoon mom with her kits removed from an attic in Central Florida

Nature-Tech Wildlife Solutions LLC is prepared to resolve your raccoon problem. Whether you live in Polk County, Osceola County, Orange County, Hillsborough County, or Pasco County Florida we are ready to trap and exclude raccoons from your home so you can be confident that your nuisance raccoon problems are resolved! Call us today at:


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