Stinging Insects

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Stinging Insects

Bee, wasp, hornet, yellow jacket removal in Polk County, Pasco County, Hillsborough County Florida
Honey bee breeding swarm in Central Florida

European Honey Bees (Apis mellifera) are incredibly important components to our natural ecosystems. As natural pollinators, they enable many of the foods we eat to reproduce and grow. Flowering plants and natural Florida plant-life rely on bees and other pollinators to help them to reproduce. As such, we strive to protect these natural pollinators and ensure that their populations thrive and continue to perform their outstanding duties to humanity and ecology.

However, bees are not the only stinging insect that we contend with daily and nor are they the only stinging insect in which can inflict life-threatening stings to those who may be allergic. Different species of wasps, hornets and yellow jackets may also pose a threat and are often far more aggressive than our European Honey Bees. Unfortunately, it's very common for people to mis-identify species of stinging insects. Many of them look fairly identical and often, people are too concerned for being stung to get close enough to identify them. But that's okay, because that's what Nature-Tech Wildlife Solutions LLC is for!

If you are having troubles with stinging insects in Polk County, Hillsborough County or Pasco County Florida, look no further than Nature-Tech Wildlife Solutions LLC to help you resolve them. We'll take the sting, so you won't have to! Give us a call today at 813.699.9079

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