"Chris was great! Resolved our squirrel problem quickly and professionally. Further, its obvious that he cares about the animals and the customers. Will recommend Nature-Tech any day!"


Carrie Dixon - Polk City, FL

"Bats. Why did it have to be bats? Despite there being some protected season for them, these guys were able to make sure they didn't spread to other areas of my roof. Once the protected season ended, they got the bats out. They did a great job and I'm happy we hired them!"


Sarah Mendell - Bartow, FL

"I had raccoons in my attic. They discovered that she had babies up there. They explained that they try to keep the babies with the mama when they get them out. The mom ended up abandoning the pups. But they were still able to get them out and prevent anymore from getting in the attic in the future."


Matt Rodell - Tampa, FL

"I have a lot of fruit trees and a garden on my property. But twice a year, I get an abundance of raccoons and opossums coming in eating the fruit. Those and squirrels. I've had a couple other companies come out to trap in the past. They did okay, but weren't very attentive. These guys are great. They set plenty of traps and check them often. They also pick up anything trapped same-day when I call it in. You can tell they really care about what they're doing."


George Ashburn - Lakeland, FL

"My mom's house is old and has its issues. We didn't realize a rat problem was one of them until one ran across her dining room floor one evening. Naturetech blocked off all the holes they were using to get in and installed a way for any rats still in, to get back out without getting back inside. No more rats and my mom is much happier. The work they did on her house was done neatly as well."


Kelly-Ann Jenson - Winter Haven, FL

"Admittedly, I wasn't sure what to expect, having never had a dead animal odor emanating from my home before. Called these guys because we needed HELP. It was BAD. Chris showed up, suited up and then made his way under my double wide, emerging 10-15 minutes later with a dead possum. I fought to hold my gag reflex, but he maintained professionalism while he got rid of the carcass. I even had him do a sanitation spray under there which helped a great deal. Satisfied customer here."


Greg Bordelon - Zephyrhills, FL