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Dead Animal Removal

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Dead animal removal service in Polk County

There’s nothing worse than walking into your home and smelling a horrendous odor that no matter how hard you try, how many windows you open or how many expensive scented candles you light…you just can’t seem to mask the smell. The smell, depending on the size of animal that died, can last for days or it can last for weeks. Animals can die in a number of locations.

If you live in a block home with a concrete slab, most often, animal deaths will occur within the attic or walls of the home. If you live in a mobile/manufactured home, death can occur in the “attic”, but most often takes place under the crawl space of the home. Occasionally the animal will be found deceased on the ground. But quite often, they manage to get above the moisture barrier and insulation under the home and die.

Most often, dead animals will be either rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons or opossums. Rats, mice or opossums are most common under mobile or manufactured homes. Raccoons and squirrels typically will die in the attic as they prefer to gain entry in high points of access. However, dead animals can potentially end up anywhere depending on the cause of death.

What causes death of wildlife?

There are a number of things that can cause death of wildlife. Sometimes, it’s just natural causes of old age. In other cases, it can be from poisoning. This is especially true for rodents such as rats and mice as many pest control companies will provide rodent bait stations where rodents can access inside of them to eat toxic and poison bait, but they will leave and die elsewhere.

Occasionally, the cause of death is starvation/dehydration when animals fall down into places and are unable to escape. The animal becomes stuck and is unable to get out, and the result is the animal dying from being unable to get food and water.

How are dead animal removal services completed?

The service for a dead animal removal begins with an inspection to determine what is likely the dead animal that we are dealing with. This enables us to isolate potential areas where the animal’s body may be. The smaller the animal, the larger the number of possible access points.

Once the animal is located, either the animal will be removed by hand or tools may be required in order to reach the animal. Occasionally, walls may need to be cut open in order to gain access to the animal.

Is there any odor control service provided?

Depending on the situation, odor control treatments can be provided at an additional fee. Depending on what has caused the odor, treatment can either be completed by spraying anti-microbial agents through the affected area, or it may require treatment of an entire room via a machine known as an Ozone Generator. Your service technician will be able to guide you on the best approach to removing the dead animal odor from your home.

If you believe that an animal has died inside of your home and you are in need of dead animal removal services, reach out to Nature-Tech Wildlife Solutions LLC today.

Polk County: 893.345.2547 Hillsborough County: 813.699.9079

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