Feral Hogs

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Feral Hogs – (Sus scrofa)

Feral Hog Removal in Polk County, Pasco County and Hillsborough County, Florida
Feral Hog Sow in Central Florida

Out of all nuisance wildlife in Central Florida, feral hogs are likely the most dangerous, and most destructive. Feral hogs root for their food using their snouts and tusks, digging up many square feet of soil within a matter of a couple hours. They can even destroy acres of crops within a couple of nights if left uncontested. Feral hogs in Central Florida are an introduced, and subsequently, an invasive species that are highly destructive to not just crop fields, but to local ecosystems as well.

A cornered or surprised feral hog that you may encounter on your property can be dangerous, as charging at a potential threat is well within their repertoire. Also, getting close to piglets that a sow may have nearby can prove to be a dangerous mistake. Injuries from feral hogs are often severe and require immediate medical attention, not just due to the physical damage, but due to the infections that are likely to follow if left unattended.

To mitigate a feral hog issue, hiring a professional nuisance wildlife trapper or hunting them is essentially the only manners of resolving those issues. If you are located within Polk County, Hillsborough County, or Pasco County Florida, look no further than Nature-Tech Wildlife Solutions LLC to help resolve your feral hog problem in a safe, ethical and humane manner. Call us today!


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