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Wildlife Exclusion

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Wildlife Exclusion services in Polk County, Pasco County and Hillsborough County Florida
Wildlife Exclusion on barrel tile roof

Nature-Tech Wildlife Solutions LLC offers wildlife exclusion services. While trapping and relocation are always understood to be a necessary component to resolving a nuisance wildlife issue, most people aren’t aware that trapping alone will not resolve these issues permanently. It is merely a temporary solution. A nuisance wildlife animal that has found entry into a home will leave chemical trails through their urine and feces that will often result in other wildlife finding the same home and potential entries. Trapping without exclusion rarely provides a permanent solution. Most often, it temporarily resolves the issue until another animal takes its place and the battle begins again.

Openings in roof returns, roof venting, wall damage, or openings under mobile home skirting often result in animals taking residence in those establishments. Nuisance wildlife exclusion services from Nature-Tech Wildlife Solutions LLC are effective and reliable solutions to make sure that you will not have a repeat case of these issues. It is important to understand that while exclusion services are completed using industry accepted methods and are done so to be as aesthetically pleasing and clean as possible, these are not designed to be replacements for quality contractor services. These are merely methods to ensure that your home is not damaged by wildlife. Any exclusions to seal up entries through rotted wood, unlevel homes and other construction based problems are only intended to be temporary resolutions, but a licensed contractor should be consulted on proper repair of the home structure.

Are you hearing scratching or digging noises in your attic? How about noises coming from underneath your crawl space? Perhaps an odd noise that sounds like chewing inside your walls? A free inspection from Nature-Tech Wildlife Solutions LLC will determine the perpetrator and provide you with a game plan which will permanently resolve your nuisance wildlife problems!

If you are having troubles with nuisance wildlife in Polk County, Pasco County or Hillsborough County Florida, look no further than Nature-Tech Wildlife Solutions LLC. Give us a call today for a FREE Inspection!


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