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Wildlife Removal Warranty Coverage

Rodent removal in Winter Haven Florida
Rodents and squirrels chew into vinyl soffit in Winter Haven Florida

Warranty Coverage

Nature-Tech Wildlife Solutions LLC provides our customers with a warranty service that is unparalleled by most other wildlife removal companies. Many wildlife companies at best only offer a warranty covering areas of your home that they provided exclusion work on. Not at Nature-Tech Wildlife Solutions!

Q. What types of warranties do you offer?

A. There are two types of warranties offered with our services. First, is an Exclusion Only Warranty. This warranty is provided if any recommended services are refused during time of inspection. Our services include a 3-pronged approached to resolving your wildlife removal issue:

· Wildlife Trapping – This service is necessary to hopefully trap and remove the offending animal(s) from your area so that they will not be able to be a repeat offender. Failure to do this results in leaving an animal that is habitually trying to gain entry to your home and can either succeed with enough effort applied, or will do untold damage to your home in their efforts.

· Wildlife Exclusion – Wildlife in the area are likely to smell each other around the home through the release of pheromones in urine and feces that could indicate that one or more animals may be in heat or may be attracting potential predators. Installing physical barriers at assorted vulnerability points around your home is the only way to prevent further entry and help protect your home from costly damage to your electrical wiring, air conditioning ductwork, and even plumbing lines.

· Attic Sanitation – Touching on the application of pheromone trails by wildlife that is contained with their urine and feces, this is where the attic sanitation treatment comes into play. The attic sanitation treatment is an anti-microbial chemical that is atomized and blown through the attic to cover all surfaces. This service will kill the pheromone trails, viruses and bacteria that are left behind in bodily fluids left behind by wildlife.

If any of these services are refused, this will reduce the customer’s warranty to an Exclusion Only Warranty due to the warranty risk being higher as a result.

However, purchase of all of these services will provide a Full Exterior Home Breach Warranty, where your home will be covered in the event of ANY exterior breach that is directly caused by wildlife.

Q. Are there any exceptions to the Full Exterior Home Breach Warranty?

A. The Full Exterior Home Breach Warranty covers any breach caused by wildlife. Therefore, if any animal (it does not have to be the species that you originally called for service for) chews, pulls, claws or in any way forces its way back into your home, your home is covered for service. This includes trapping, exclusion and sanitation services. However, if entry was caused through human means such as a handy-man or the homeowner working on the exterior of the home and fails to re-secure soffit, vents, or any other exterior component to the home that enables re-entry of wildlife, the service may require a additional charges to resolve.

A-2. If any exclusion work offered is refused, Nature-Tech Wildlife Solutions LLC reserves the right to exclude those areas from the warranty coverage based upon the risk of entry.

A-3. Under some circumstances in rodent problems, it may be determined that rodents are gaining entry to your home by way of underground plumbing. This can occur if your home is on city sewage, or if a clean-out cap is left open on a septic tank system. These issues can be tested for with a smoke test on the plumbing system. If this occurs and a plumbing breach is detected, Nature-Tech Wildlife Solutions LLC reserves the right to withhold service until after a licensed plumber has resolved the plumbing issue.

Nature-Tech Wildlife Solutions LLC strives to be YOUR one-stop solution for your wildlife related conflicts and want to provide you with A+ service that you can rave about to your local friends and family. We want to instill trust and confident in our customers so they know that we have your back and will work diligently to resolve your problem and ensure that you are satisfied with the result.

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